IELTS Additional TRF Payment


  • If you did not take the test with IELTS Conestoga ( CA321 / CA903 / CA505 ) at one of our venues please do not complete this application form.
  • There will be no refunds on the application for Additional TRFs. Please read the instructions carefully.
  • If the name of the institution is in the electronic transfer list, do not request again in regular or courier request.
  • The IELTS Test Report Form is valid for 2 years from your test date. If you have not taken the test within the past 2 years your TRF has expired, please go to: to register for the next available date.
  • If your test location is not listed please email IELTS Conestoga at:

For information on the Additional TRF fee structure, please see Additional TRF Fee Details

Applicant Information

IELTS Registration application for General Training Report Forms (TRFs)

For information on the GT Additional TRF fee structure and policies, please see Additional TRF Fee Details

  • IELTS does not assume responsibility for Test Report Forms lost or delayed via Canada Post.
General Training (GT) Test Report Form (TRFs) delivery options

e-Transfer Delivery Institution Selection (Optional)

e-Transfer Institution Selection

Academic (AC) Additional IELTS Test Report Forms (TRFs) - Select Institutions

  • Select your e-transfer institution. If your institution is not listed here please proceed to section two for regular paper Test Report forms.
  • Academic Additional TRFs will not be mailed to candidate's home address. All additional Academic TRFs must be delivered directly to the receiving organization.

1. e-Transfer Delivery Institution Selection (Optional)

e-Transfer Institution Selection

2. Institution Selection (Express Courier or Post) (Optional)

We strongly recommend you express courier this valuable document to your chosen institution(s). Postage may take up to 3+ weeks and cannot be tracked. IELTS Conestoga does not take responsibility for lost TRFs, and refunds will not be processed.
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